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Helping Families, Care Givers, and Educators Provide a Solid Foundation for Our Youngest Learners of ALL Abilities. 

Adaptations provides Inclusive Educational Solutions for Families, Care Givers, and Educators of Young Children of ALL Abilities. We offer Adapted Alphabet Books, Self Care Routines, and Home Communication Systems. Our products are ACCESSIBLE FOR ALL CHILDREN

Our visual Self Care Routines serve as directions or reminders of the steps that should be taken to independently care for hygiene task.

The visual schedules include:

  • Bathroom 

  • Hand Washing

  • Teeth Brushing

These Adapted Picture Books, focus on one letter per book. The words are paired with pictures for increased comprehension. The books use Developmentally Appropriate Vocabulary and  are easily manipulated.

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Our Home Communication System gives both Verbal and Non Verbal users opportunities to communicate wants, dislikes or desired activities, food choice, etc. The interactive individual schedule assist with informing the user of upcoming activities, while giving them control of rearranging and removing completed activities once they are done.

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Serving Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia


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